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Education Excellent

Education Excellent

SEK International Institution was founded in 1982, as an educational organization having courses from kindergarden, primary and secondary, at the levels of higher education in their universities.

All SEK International Institutions are officially recognized in the countries where they are, with 23 schools located in Spain, Chile, Guatemala, Hungary, Costa Rica, Italia, Colombia Ecuador, Paraguay, Dominican Republic, South Africa, England, Mexico and the U.S., as well as three universities located in Chile and Ecuador.

The aspiration is to provide cutting-edge education, favoring the tutorial system and the international approach, with special emphasis on the education of the students.

The SEK Educational Project defines the scope of the following concepts:

1.  An Educational Project has as a proposal to fulfill, in specific activities, the goal of the education, which is the full development of the human being, according to the desire of the United Nations and other international organizations, as outlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and in the Declaration of the Rights of Children.

2.  Education should provide the means for achieving maximum results for the learners, not just for their attributes that underlie it, but for their genetic heritage as a social role to be played. These attributes make each person unique and potentiality unrepeatable.

3.   This educational project contains three elements carefully assembled:

    • The definition of the character to be printed on the student in finding their own identity.
    • The design or curriculum teaching process, which is the sequence of learning tasks that allow an adequate knowledge of the world and the self.
    • The educational and functional characteristics of each center, which should form the cultural atmosphere that strengthens the integration of meanings, being these domains of learning or achievements for desirable behaviors.

4.  The SEK Educational Project is necessarily conditioned by a philosophical: what is man and where it goes. And by a cultural interpretation of: what sense does personal growth and social development have. And, also by the acceptance of a teaching doctrine: education has intrinsic values ??and has the technology to integrate these values ??in students.

5.  The educational foundations of SEK recognize as fundamental; freedom and creativity of intelligence, order and social institutions and support ethics and respect for others, which gives importance to each individual’s life.

6.  The character that the institution seeks to impress on their students is referred to SEK style. This character refers to the aspiration of the educated man who seeks personal and social improvement.

7.  The SEK curriculum builds on the plans and programs of the states that are hosts the institution. From these constant improvements must be introduced.

8.  The methodology of the SEK Centers, that promotes individual and teamwork, is diverse, open, and flexible, participates, and relies on the tutorial model and application of multimedia system. This personalized educational system gives support for each student, support in human terms; aid in terms of materials, in which, are harmonized from the creation of textbooks, to laboratories, gymnasiums, libraries, workshops, canteens, and student dormitories


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