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Preschool level is based on a teaching and learning process which is interactive - active and focused on the children, their needs and interests, and its purpose is to reach the highest potential of their abilities and skills, by means of different situations and learning experiences.


These experiences are enriched by a beautiful andnatural environment and modern buildings with cutting edge technology, which has been designed specifically to fulfill the needs and requirements of the youth today and tomorrow.

Preschool level from a constructivist point of view hasthe goal of generating not learning by heart, the main purpose is to build knowledge that will enable autonomy and meaningful learning for the life, for the future.


Forstudents to develop basic cultural skills for this level of education, the school considers an integrated curriculum, comprehensive and flexible, through which children learn not only from what is explicitly stated in the new course programs but also observing models and the type of relationships that can be established with their peers, their teachers, learning topics, and teaching materials and developing values ??around them.

The different approaches to the process have a great importance, affecting both the quantity and quality of formal learning content, as in thedevelopment of the student’s personality. The experiences that children experiment in school in various disciplines are developmental experiences.

Our school encourages students to organize and expand their baggage of knowledge, skills and abilities, hence providing conditions for them to acquire them and deepen what they might already know, so they can develop their skills even further


Building a curriculum which is appropriate in response to the growing need of all young people the schoolgives the best and most comprehensive training opportunities, it is a fundamental pillar of knowledge and guidance for students' learning, updating the curriculum according to the needs of our students as in social life, and the incorporation of new areas of knowledge and skills, such as Technology.

Together with previous guidance on the selection and curriculum guidance, objectives and content of Secondary Education are based on the principle that the education of our students should be achieved in a new form of educational work, based on learning rather than teaching and that is the center of the student’s activity, characteristics, knowledge and experiences.

Through these different teaching methods adapted to the different rhythms and styles of learning, which seek to achieve learning at higher order skills such as analysis, interpretation and synthesis of information from a variety of sources and that of problem solving.

What the school seeks through all the disciplines presented in the Curriculum is to give students three important dimensions:


Being bilingual is a necessity today. Understanding this reality, SEK Pacific International School, performs English classes from pre-school and during primary and middle school. This subject has the largest number of hours of the Fundamental Curriculum, guaranteeing a complete command of the language from this initial stage of the learning, which is perfect   during High school.

This training is complemented by the possibility to:

Stay in our U.S. School, SEK-Preparatory International School (Florida).

Attend at Interscholastic global activities offering by SEK International Institution.

Become certified by the University of Cambridge in different levels of English: Starters, Movers, Flyers, KET, PET and First Certificate.


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